The Ritual

INCENCE Keltenzauber handmade

     brings joyous thoughts - gives balance -

cleans body, mind & soul

Natural handmade incense from the Alps, from my own magic garden and from Keltensiedlung Uttendorf Stoanabichl

incense has always had a long trandition among all peoples

 to heal

for cleaning

to pray

for meditation or even

to make a dreams comes true

The smell oft the smoke reaches directly into our

emotional world an can not be censored by our mind.

Incence ALMZAUBER with Meadosweet, Dandelion, Mugwort, Mint, Elder, Juniper, Lavendel, Rose, Mullein, Arnica, Clover, Lady´s Mantle, Daisy, Cestnut Leaves, Linden Blossoms, Fern, Nettle Leaves, Yarrow, Ribwort, Sage and special magic with Mapacho & Styrax


Be aware of the purpose you want to achieve before each ritual. Find a place where you are undisturbed and feel comfortable.

  • ignite the charcoal on the charcoal holder - annealing can take up to 20 minutes – or tealight in the stove and have the incense ready -> element FIRE
  • Ignite a light – element AIR
  • have matching music – element SPIRIT
  • fill a bowl with water – element WATER
  • place a stone – element EARTH
  • lay down something important to you and that gives you power - flowers, angels, holy figures ...

Put three times new incense on the charcoal, because it burns quickly. On the incense stove the intensity of the smoke is not so intense and the incense is only applied once. Neither method is better or more correct. Leave it to your feeling, which method suits you more - intensely or gently.

During the ritual, you can pray, meditate and wish that your dreams come true.

Of course, you can also design your own ritual, sing, dance - everything is allowed.

Place the coal holder at the end of the ritual to a save place where the coal can burn up cool. The warmer stove and the sieve are also very hot, so leave it to cool on the spot.

Ventilate the room well, so that all wishes can go out into the world.

Repeat the ritual after a few days if success does not occure immediately.

Smoking with coal:

Put the coal on the coal holder and ignite the coal at its edge. The smoky carbon can spark, so nothing easily flammable should be near by, pay attention to a firm ground. Once the coal is glowing (it can take up to 20 minutes), you can put the incense directly on the charcoal. The smoke develops immediately and is very intense. Since the herb burns quickly, it should be renewed three times during the ritual. Place the coal holder at the end of the ritual to a place where the coal can cool down.

Smoking with the sieve:

Light a candle in the holder and spread incense on the sieve. The intensity is more gentle compared to smoking with coal. Nevertheless the stove and the sieve are very hot during smoking and should therefore cool in a save place.